audio engineering services

optimizing sound for various product form factors

Surfaceink’s audio expertise spans electrical architecture, acoustics, tuning 3rd party DSP architectures for optimal speech/telephony and music playback, as well as testing and validation during prototype phases.


deep audio experience

Our team has years of experience with companies such as Amazon, Beats by Dre, Jawbone, Palm, and more. Below are a subset of product categories we have worked on:

  • headphones (over ear, on ear, & in ear)
  • mobile phones
  • tablets & e-readers
  • action cameras & high noise tolerant designs
  • bluetooth speakers
  • bookshelf and floor standings speakers
  • smart speakers (similar to Amazon Echo)
    & mic array technologies

technical capabilities

Our skillset spans many areas of audio design and development. We have a cross functional team that handles acoustical, electrical, mechanical, and SW challenges within audio subsystems of various form factor products.

  • electroacoustic component testing & selection
  • enclosure design for optimal acoutics
  • microphone sealing, boot/gasket design, and placement/tuning for array implementations
  • acoustic tuning for bass reinforcement – port structures and passive radiators
  • quick turn acoustic prototyping
  • evaluation of 3rd party audio DSP algorithms
  • codec and algorithm tuning for multiple audio silicon and software vendors
  • tuning for telephony, multimedia, and speech recognition applications
  • device prototype (EVT, DVT, etc.) testing & validation
  • production line testing (developing fixtures, test sequences, and limits)

advanced tools

Our team is trained in the use of well-known audio analyzers and hardware, CAD packages, and prototyping tools.

  • audio analyzers – Soundcheck, Audio Precision, HEAD Acoustics ACQUA, and more
  • audio measurement – reference transducers and systems from GRAS and Bruel & Kjaer
  • mechanical CAD – Solidworks, ProE, NX
  • Electrical CAD & layout – Cadence OrCAD, Eagle
  • 3D printing – ProJet 3500