Phot of a hand holding a intel realsense camera

Intel RealSense

Depth Camera D400

A computer vision device intended for robotics laboratories and research facilities requiring high image resolution, depth data and high frame rate capabilities.

clean and simple

The design of this camera system addresses many conflicting product requirements, including: extreme ventilation, optimal connectivity, multiple mounting arrangements, wide viewing cone angles, and small size. The simple aluminum form provides access to critical interaction areas while wicking off additional heat. The smooth, teardrop form reduces visual mass and helps avoid unwanted snags on surrounding surfaces.

a heat sandwich

This compact (90mm long) product is packed with hot components, including image processors, cameras sensors and an advanced IR sensor array. In order to accommodate aggressive thermal requirements and a wide array of mounting positions, we developed a heat exchange system that funneled 90% of the internal heat through 20% of the product surface.

services provided

Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering

Top angled photo of the intel realsense camera
photo of intel realsense camera on a tripod plugged in with a laptop in the background

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