white and black paypal beacon on a woodgrain background.

paypal beacon

hands-free pay solution for merchants

Location-based Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) identification and payment system supporting mobile devices.

personalized shopping experience

PayPal Beacon is a BLE and WiFi device that provides multiple capabilities to brick and mortar retailers. Using Paypal mobile app, customers can securely identify themselves to nearby sales associates and use the PayPal-protected link to take advantage of individually customized shopping advice, offers, and payments.

fine lighting

We developed the architectural and assembly strategies for this product and implemented the mechanical design. Special attention was paid to create the LED lighting effect on the top of the device. In order to achieve the gradated truss pattern effect, a translucent plastic housing was painted black, and then the truss pattern was laser etched through the paint to reveal the light pipe below.

services provided

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering

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