full-system product development

We believe in hiring the right people with the right skills. As a result, our team of over 30 designers, engineers and computer scientists offers a diverse range of technical experience. We utilize small teams which are primarily comprised of senior staff members who are given broader spans of control and accountability. This experience factor allows us to avoid potentially risky explorations, and focus on the most promising opportunities. We understand how many small pieces of incremental risk can quickly add up to an unacceptable level of risk. We are able to streamline our clients’ product development experience with a predictable and prudent schedule, while maintaining their original vision and desired market impact.

our services

industrial design

creating the product concept, user experience and visual expression
  • product concept
  • form & detail development
  • physical interaction
  • ergonomics
  • colors, materials, & finishes
  • product graphics

interaction design

creating digital interface solutions between people and devices
  • digital device interface strategy
  • user experience mapping
  • wireframing
  • GUI design

mechanical engineering

solving structural and design integration challenges
  • assembly strategy
  • thermal architecture
  • complex mechanism design
  • structural analysis
  • design for manufacturing (DFM)
  • master modeling & complex surfacing

electrical engineering

establishing electrical component relationships and configurations
  • system architecture
  • wireless RF
  • block diagram & schematics
  • power optimization
  • component selection & PCB layout
  • bring up

firmware engineering

optimizing key subsystems to enhance total product performance
  • low level drivers
  • firmware development
  • OS integration
  • mobile applications

audio systems engineering

optimizing sound for various product form factors
  • acoustics
  • audio electronics
  • DSP integration
  • component level test
  • production line test

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in-region NPI

supporting new production introduction
  • vendor sourcing, qualification and management
  • build activities support (EVT, DVT)
  • tool bring-up
  • production quality assurance
  • assembly process improvement
  • multi-process expertise (plastics, metals, glass, and ceramics)